Finished Proposals (Submitted or Ready for Submission)

Filename Description
Meeting-Summary-02-02-2012.pdf Meeting summary for 02-02-2012 file below...
Bylaw-Document-02-02-2012-final-a.pdf A copy of the bylaws with current proposals (02-02-2012) for change marked in the document.  This is the final version of this proposal and is ready for submission.  Will be proposed to the Board at 2-4-2012 meeting.  Will need membership approval before it becomes effective.
Meeting-Summary-03-05-2012.pdf Meeting Summary for meeting of 3/5/2012,  and rationale for proposals to Board and Membership.
PandPs-Jun-2011-production-changes-thru-2013-2-10.pdf Copy of the Policy and Procedures manual, rev. 6/2011.  This is a running production version showing possible changes discussed through 02/10/2013.  This is a completed work and will be submitted to the Board at the next meeting.




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