Mission Statement


  1. The Technical Committee will be made up of qualified amateurs with technical or spectrum background who can contribute to the overall strength of the committee. Committee members are appointed by the president and require the approval of the Board and serve at the pleasure of the Board. Members of the Board may be appointed to the committee.

  2. The Technical Committee shall assist the Coordinators and the Board as needed in Coordination disputes and research on technical matters.

  3. The role of the Technical Committee is to evaluate, recommend and assist in compliance measures relative to applicable FCC regulations, technical parameters, good engineering and operating practices toward successful application and maintenance qf system coordination and operation of repeater systems.

  4. The goal of the Technical Committee is to facilitate co-existence among geographic and technical (adjacent-and co-channel, as well as non-repeater) neighbors so that coordination is possible and meaningful, system operation and use is effective and without dispute, and objective dispute resolution.

  5. The work of the Technical Committee will contribute to band planning, coordination processes, coordination and interference dispute resolution, and best practices. The work may include technical requirements, recommendations, and propagation characteristics related to system integrity and performance.

  6. The product of the Technical Committee will be published as either addendum to this Policy and Procedure record or a separate Technical Standards document, for use by the Board, Coordinators and Membership.


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